James and I have had the good fortune to  hunt with Peter Creighton in Zimbabwe and Zambia and can say without reservation that Peter is the consumate professional.  He is a PH who knows his flora and fauna, listens to his clients goals and works tirelessly to see those goals realized.  On my last hunt with Peter in Zambia my main goal was to take two old buffalo bulls. We covered lots of ground on foot and my goals were met thanks to Peters hard work and diligence.  Peter is dedicated to providing a memorable hunting experience,  he hunts honorably and his word is his bond.  To anyone who has dreamed of hunting Africa they could do no better than hunting with Peter Crieghton.  I am proud to call him my  Friend.   
James Eley (2019)


So a second trip to Zimbabwe with Pete Creighton as my PH.  This time with a friend who has never been to Africa.  We hunted on a concession boarding Lake Kariba.  The plan was for some plains game for my friend, and a Hippo and Cape Buffalo for me.    Well let’s just say I was a bit jealous with the trophies my friend shot.  All MUCH nicer and bigger than I have shot.  A great Impala, Bushbuck and Waterbuck.  All mature animals.   It was fun to watch Pete take my somewhat inexperienced friend and coach him through the process resulting in great success.   Then it was my turn.  I lost count of the Hippo’s we stalked.  All on land since I felt, as well as Pete, that it was a more sporting way to hunt them. Some turned out to be cows, some immature bulls.   Until we crept up to an old battle scarred bull sleeping @ 50 meters from the water.  Pete likes me to use my Krieghhoff double in 500/416.   He likes the tradition of using a double but it means that he has to work harder to get his hunter in position.   There is also an element of trust that Pete has in me not to screw things up, which is greatly appreciated.   No one likes a wounded or lost animal.   26 meters away from the bull and Pete is behind me making sure I know where to place the bullet, and backing me up with his 500 Jeffery.   Well the good news is a backup wasn’t necessary.  The old bull went down with a brain shot.
Next was the Buffalo.  In a herd on the flood plains.  No place for us to hide.   You’ll have to ask Pete how we got within 60 meters of the herd, and the biggest Bull I have taken to date.  It was exciting to be that close to a herd, but I never felt unsafe at all.   Pete’s level headiness has a calming effect on everyone around him.   It made for an exciting experience. 
What happened next was unplanned.   Earlier in the week a leopard permit had become available.  It was offered to me if I wanted it.   I had been on two earlier hunts for leopard.   None with Pete.   Both resulted in spending cold nights in a blind and never getting to see a leopard.  But, how could I not try again.  There wasn’t much time left to make this happen.   Pete, with the experience of many leopard hunts behind him, went into high gear.  We took some Impala for bait and hung them in spot where cats have been known to frequent.   After a cat hit the bait we checked the trail cam photos and saw a very nice male on the bait. Well Pete is meticulous when he prepares to hunt a Leopard.  The detail with which everything was prepared was far greater than my previous experiences.  We spent two nights in the blind.  And it was actually fairly comfortable.  A cat hit the bait the first night but we never got a chance to see it.  14 hours in a blind.  Next night we repeat the process.   We saw the cat early in the evening, but this was one smart cat.   They don’t get as big as this one by being dumb.   But Pete was smarter and the shot came in the early AM when the cat came back for seconds.  I won’t bore you with the details but I can tell you there is no way I can convey the highs, the lows, and the final feelings standing over the biggest Leopard I ever saw.  It was also the biggest Leopard that Pete had taken in the Zambezi Valley.  And Pete understood the emotional rollercoaster I was on and was very respectful.
Oh and you can ask me about the successful hunt for the problem Hippo …at night.   Well my friend is hooked on Africa.  Chalk up another great hunt with Pete.  Not measured by just the animals taken, but by the incredible experiences overall that Pete somehow creates.
I don’t know when I’ll be back to Africa, but I can tell you I know who I’ll have as my PH! - Charlie Foell - USA (2017)

My Africa safari with Peter Creighton was the best hunting experiences of my lifetime. I was consistently impressed with him as a PH and also as a tour guide for my first safari to Africa. His vast knowledge and appreciation of the land and the fauna and flora that lives there was evident every day that we hunted together. He is thorough, meticulous, honest, and the best company. I genuinely enjoyed every moment of the 10 days I spent with Peter on the African plains of Zimbabwe during the summer of July 2015. I still maintain a friendship with him to this day. As a person who has been fortunate to hunt in many countries, with many guides over the years, I feel that I can legitimately say that Peter Creighton is at the top of his game. I started planning my next trip with him as soon as I returned home from the first one.  I will never look at life the same way again! - Dr. Anthony E. Russo - USA (2015)

Our family photo safari to Zimbabwe with Peter Creighton was fabulous. His suggested itinerary was perfect. We had a 2 days in Victoria Falls where we took an evening river cruise, then we took a helicopter over Victoria falls, followed by a hike along the falls, seeing it from different vantage points. It was staggering how much water was going over the falls. We crossed the bridge into Zambia and watched them bungee jumping. We even got to go on an elephant ride through the Bush And over a river.

We were excited to head on into Hwange National Park. Our first camp was a rustic tent camp. We were impressed by the top quality of the food and the comforts in the tents and the amazing staff that looked after every need and want. They had homemade chocolate eclairs and a really exceptional level of dining for such rustic surroundings. The staff was all very friendly and kind. Breakfast around the campfire at day break was one of my favorite aspects of camp life. After 2 nights at the tent Bush camp we moved for 3 more nights to the even more luxurious Hwange Main camp. The thatch roofed tents were were very beautiful with permanent flooring and large screen windows looking out over the pool behind the camp. The plentiful running shower was quite a nice luxury after the limited hot shower at the tent camp. We had a hippo in the watering hole most of the time. The food at this camp was even more delicious. You do not go hungry, they give you morning snacks and afternoon teas, even when you are out watching game.
We started seeing wildlife in Victoria falls and were so excited to see wild elephants for the first time. In Hwange Park we saw such a variety of wildlife, that far surpassed all of our expectations. The landscape
Was beautiful as was seeing the huge wild animals in their natural setting. We got to have Daily Private tours with just our family of 5, Peter and the tracker in vehicle. The provided warm ponchos were very welcome for the early runs to see lions and other wildlife in the chilly dawn.

Sometimes we would bring a lunch or they would meet us with food so we could spend more time viewing animals. We rarely saw other vehicles, which gives it a genuine safari feel without masses of people. We got mock charged by a baby elephant, And got amazingly close to so Much wildlife. We were able to walk up to a group of elephants, we hiked a mile from a Cape buffalo kill, tracking a hyena that was dragging a Cape buffalo leg. We got within 6 feet of the hyena and got some awesome photogrphs. We spent several evenings at blinds by watering holes watching elephants and all the different animals coming to drink. The sunset in Zimbabwe made a magical setting for taking pictures. Each day we would see such a variety of animals including many varieties of beautiful birds, and we were constantly surprised by the numerous sightings we made each day. Peter’s experience and understanding of the animals let us see more and get closer than would ever be possible without an experienced guide. One of the highlights were following lion tracks and finding the lions. We saw several prides of lions. One night after being told A lion was
In the area and hearing it roar,we raced in the darkness, and eventually found the lion by using a spotlight. That was very exciting. Peter knew exactly where to estimate the lion was headed and how fast he was going. That was such an exhilarating experience—driving through fields and forests in the dark, in an open vehicle and chasing a lion and finding it. I would highly recommend letting Peter Creighton take you on your own amazing African photo safari, as it was absolutely extraordinary. - The Flynns (2017)

My brother and I spend 14 days hunting with Peter Creighton in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia. This was my second African safari with Peter and I am pleased to say that this trip was even more epic than the first. The hunting was fantastic. We hunted for leopard, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, and many different plains game. We were fortunate enough to collect 19 trophies in the time we were there.

The accommodations and hospitality were above and beyond expectations. The camp was well cared for, always clean and tidy, and the meals were delicious. Hunting with a professional of Pete's level of expertise is a rare pleasure. His knowledge of the wildlife, surroundings, and Africa in general is second to none. He consistently produces trophy quality animals. His ability to locate and judge game in seconds is crucial to the success of the hunt. Pete and his tracker Tsongora, who is also greatly skilled and truly gifted, make for an outstanding team anywhere they are hunting. Peter is not only my go to PH, he has also become my friend and I truly enjoyed the time I spent with him in Africa. His proficiency in this field is unmatched. If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime chose Peter Creighton Safaris to help make that dream a reality. – Dr Anthony Russo – USA (2017)


It took my 4th African Safari to realize how good it could get.   Not that the first three trips were bad, they weren't.  It was just that the 4th safari (and my second dangerous game hunt for Buffalo) was so much better.  Hunting with Pete was just on another level. I thought I knew a few things from my previous trips.  Well I learned as much hunting two weeks with Pete as I did in the previous 5 weeks spent in Africa.   My son feels the same way.   Pete brings a calmness to the hunt, but make no mistake he is working hard for you.   His interpersonal skills are endless.  He is part PH, part Tour guide, part Friend, part Naturalist, and part Teacher, all rolled into one.

And if your interested in taking mature animals Pete's your guy.   He doesn't care about the trophy count. Only good, mature trophies.   Now I have just one problem.   I really don't want to hunt with another PH. He's that good. - Charlie Foell - USA (2016/2017)

The hunt of a lifetime begins with a destination of a lifetime.  The Sapi Safari Area of the great Zambezi Valley is one of the largest, most remote and least populated areas in Africa offering unparalleled dangerous game hunting and world class fresh water fishing opportunities.   To fully realize the splendor of an old-fashioned tent safari in this paradise requires the training, knowledge, and expertise of the finest professional hunter and the dedication and perseverance of the best trackers and skinners.

 My 2013 tent safari in this beautifully rugged, savage, and challenging area proved all my expectations with the necessary leadership, diligence, and professional expertise of Peter Creighton, professional hunter and friend.  His unequaled lead tracker, Tsongora and motivated staff of trackers and skinners authored indelible memories of a world lost to the malaise of digital dystopia, sufferable only to those yearning for the adventure, challenges, and perils of an era of grandness previously shared by Bell, Sutherland, and Taylor.

Bill Cresswell - 2013


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