Peter Creighton Safari’s was established in January 2016 as a realization of a lifelong dream.  I began hunting at an early age alongside my father, when hunting was a necessary part of protecting our family’s farm and livestock against predators and large game threats. Once I had finished my schooling and a trade in tool making, l spent 6 years in the corporate world running the operations of a major import and distribution company in Zambia and Zimbabwe.  However, my passion for hunting then led me to seek out a career in professional hunting.  I immediately enrolled with a local Zimbabwean safari company to begin my apprenticeship as a Zimbabwe learner professional hunter. Under the guidance of their professional hunters, I assisted on hunts and attended to the responsibilities of managing staff, safari camps, catering, and logistics, as well as opening and maintaining roads and access areas.

With the intense and grueling Zimbabwean apprenticeship behind me, I began work as a licensed professional hunter in Zimbabwe with BIG GAME SAFARIS and then ZAMBEZI HUNTERS where I guided clients on hunting and photographic Safari’s. My experience and reputation with the clients which I have been privileged to guide drove me to further my career.  In January 2016 I made the decision to establish my own safari offering in the form of Peter Creighton Safari’s.  The establishment of my own safari company has allowed me the added flexibility and independence to further improve my service offering of tailor made safaris to my clients. I am also now able to address areas which I believed could be improved on.  I strive to ensure that the personal service that I give satisfies my client’s needs to the highest of standards,from the time they arrive to the time that they leave (not as clients but as life long friends).

My many years as a hunter in Zimbabwe, and its surrounding regions, has left me with a wealth of knowledge regarding the various regions, and what they offer in terms of wildlife and hunting experiences.  This knowledge and access to areas throughout Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia, allow me to tailor your safari to your needs, thereby offering you the best opportunities to satisfy your safari goals.

As a member of The Zimbabwe Professional Hunter’s and Guides Association (ZPHGA), you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a professional, and that your safari will be conducted in a manner which will maximize your safety and satisfaction.  Peter Creighton Safari’s has also been established on a firm foundation of responsible and ethical hunting practices, and I take pride in my extensive efforts into the conservation of wildlife through ethical hunting practices.


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